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Sep 14, 2020

The properties of Transformer oil are a major factor to look into while considering the overall life and maintenance of a Transformer. The primary use of Transformer oil emerged when there was an increasing demand for electricity and the electric loads began rising exponentially. Transformers began to get burdened with equipment failures due to overheating issues and transformer oil acidity removal. The purpose of the dielectric insulating fluid was to act as a coolant and protect the equipment from extreme temperatures. With increasing demands, the Transformer Oil begins to degrade over time. We understand that our clients generate large amounts of waste oil every year. That is why we have our Waste Oil Recycling Plant or WORP. Our German technology is double-checked and assured by our team of quality engineers before we install them for our clients. We make sure that the huge amounts of waste oil are being reactivated and brought to even better than new conditions by removing moisture and other contaminants from the waste oil. The moisture can cause oxidation which can be harmful to the internal parts of the transformer. We are experts in recycling Transformer oil many times until it can’t be used anymore.

Hering systems are capable of Oil Treatment at any scale ranging from a minimum of 50 litres/ hour for standard laboratory setups up to 27,000 litres/ hour. You can directly contact the Hering VPT expert team for custom plans because we understand that requirements can be different and specific to your geography. The waste generated from Recycling Transformer oil can be safely dumped into a landfill and ensure that they don’t pose any harm to the environment. It is very important to be cautious while treating waste Transformer oil. If not treated properly, they can end up being toxic and harmful to the people and the surroundings.

Hering VPT are experts in managing, maintaining, reactivating, and recycling Transformer oil. We noticed that with many large-scale industries, the Transformer oil is not properly monitored. This indifference often causes equipment failures that are unprecedented for which means more downtime, which in turn leads to huge economic losses. This can be avoided with our Preventive Transformer maintenance approach that we promptly enforce. When you are a client of Hering VPT, our professionals make it a priority to provide the best training for your staff.

We offer routine maintenance by our dedicated teams to ensure that your waste oil treatment plants and any other Hering VPT equipment are operating at optimum efficiency. Our experts are also qualified to work on equipment manufactured by third parties. You can consult them for repairs and timely updates to ensure that your plant complies with the most recent standards and regulations. If you would have any specific questions or custom requirements, our experts can bolster you to find the perfect solution, tailored according to your needs. After every installation, a follow-up session is organized with your team and staff to prevent any improper handling of equipment to avoid major accidents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible consequences if Transformer Preventive maintenance is not prioritized?

If Transformer operations and data are not monitored properly for anomalies, some serious problems might be overlooked. This can be anything ranging from a minor sensor malfunction that causes no harm but affects analytics and impacts the authenticity of data collected, or something dire like a faulty part that causes a leak, eventually leading to an explosion. In such unfortunate instances, there can be unnecessary casualties, which could have been avoided by being more vigilant. This is why Hering encourages a strict Transformer Preventive maintenance protocol to be followed internally and amongst all our clients. The protocol recommends periodic training and updates to operators and relevant personnel so that they are trained to look out for cautionary signs of damage. The information equips them to avoid timely accidents and protect expensive equipment from failure. Have a Transformer preventive maintenance checklist and follow it. If you have trouble enforcing The Transformer preventive maintenance protocol within your facility or amongst your staff members, you can definitely reach out to our Hering VPT experts for a professional consultation.

Why is the Treatment of transformer oil important?

Transformer oil can be reactivated, regenerated, restored, and reused multiple times by restoring its dielectric insulating properties to new or sometimes even better than new conditions. But after repeating this process a few hundred times, the Transformer oil reaches a point where it can no longer be reactivated and reused. It is time to dump the Transformer oil in a local designated landfill. However, it cannot be dumped directly because the waste Transformer oil is toxic and may cause serious harm to the surrounding environment. Therefore, Transformer oil Treatment must be performed thoroughly so that the waste is safe and non-toxic. Once the Transformer oil treatment is complete, it can be dumped safely at any local designated industrial waste landfill, where it does not pose a threat to the environment. After Treatment, the waste becomes biodegradable. If you are looking for effective Transformer oil treatment solutions for your facilities, you have come to the perfect place. Get in touch with the Hering VPT Transformer oil Treatment experts’ team today for an evaluation to get a clearer picture. 

How is Transformer oil recycled?

A lot of facilities generate large quantities of waste Transformer oil. It is very wasteful to not utilize them. This is why recycling transformer oil is an ethical choice and must be adopted by all industries involved. Moreover, recycling transformer oil can yield high-quality group 1 and group 2 base oils with minimal initial investments. It usually takes about 160 litres of crude oil to make 2.5 litres of lube oil, but only 4 litres of waste Transformer oil for the same. Hence, recycling Transformer oil is economically feasible. Our range of products at Hering VPT are perfect for any of your Transformer oil recycling needs. They include Waste Oil Recycling plants or WORP setups for any scale. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your custom requirements.

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